What is Page Seven?

“Page Seven” highlights several stories each week that are buried in the mainstream press and treated perfunctorily in the alternative media, but which have significant implications.  Two classic examples would have been the first stories appearing a decade or more ago on the new lax rules for home loans, the sub prime loans that led to the financial crash.   Or the first stories on 3D printers. Each story selected will be accompanied by discussion and analysis; sometimes in depth, other times more concise.  Since I do not have all the expertise needed to comment wisely on all the sleeper stories, or even to identify them, readers are (more than) welcome to analyze or offer their own “sleepers.”

About the Blogger

My name is Irv Lefberg. I have spent most of my working life in Washington State, first as a professor at the University of Washington (political science, political economy,  constitutional law, statistics), and then, for thirty years, as an applied economist, forecaster, and manager in Washington State Government.  In government I worked solely in non partisan positions.  My role was to provide the best possible data, facts and analysis to the public and to public officials. I was not of course in control of how the information was used, nor should I have been.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn in the 1950s; earned a bachelors degree at the City College of New York (political science, philosophy, mathematics); and a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (political science, American political economy, econometrics).  I left Washington State and government work in 2010 and moved to the San Diego area where I spend most of my time doing photography, photo restoration, coordinating art shows, and sharing my own photographic work at art galleries, fairs, and shows.