A Feel Good Story About a Big Time Professional Athlete: Thank You San Diego Padres’ Cameron Maybin

Cameron Maybin Jersey

Cameron Maybin Jersey

This is an absolutely true story about an unlikely encounter between a short (shrinking), sixty-ish, balding, white haired, semi retired economist;  and a tall, obviously very fit, wealthy, professional athlete, with lots of great hair and charisma. We need a few of these good stories right now.

The balding, white-haired economist (BWE) was doing some business last Monday at the Ameritrade Building in the Fashion Valley district in San Diego.  Although he had some professional business to handle, the BWE was dressed in jeans and a San Diego Padres jersey with the name “Cameron Maybin’ on the back.

Maybin is the starting center fielder for the Padres major league baseball team.   A speedy, gold glove caliber fielder,  Maybin is working to improve his hitting , after a breakout year in in 2011. Further progress was interrupted by injury due partly to Maybin sacrificing his body regularly in center field making highlight reel catches,

The gentleman is fast, graceful, and fearless in center field. Earlier in his career, he was touted as the next Ken Griffey Jr.  He’s still young enough to have more than a few great years.  Here are Cameron’s stats.

The BWE had bought the Padres shirt with Maybin’s name on it a few years ago.  He had heard of Maybin, but didn’t know much about him at the time, except that he had great potential and covered a lot of ground in the outfield.

So, why did the BWE buy Maybin gear, when he could have had a Gwynn, Hoffmann, or Adrian Gonzalez shirt?  And what was BWE thinking when, on Monday, September 22nd, he wore the Maybin jersey to a professional meeting, where everyone else was dressed in suits?  And since BWE owns about ten baseball jerseys, why did he choose that particular one, on that specific day?  Certainly not to impress the suits in the Ameritrade Building.   Keep all of these forks in the road in mind as you ponder the rest of the saga,

After the meeting with the suits ended around 2:00 pm, the BWE took the elevator from the 9th floor to the lobby.  As the BWE walked out the elevator, he heard a man with a loud voice, from a distance away, saying,  “hey man, you just made my day. Hey, hey, let me tell you, you made my day.”

Being certain the words were meant for someone else, the BWE proceeded briskly toward the exit, not even bothering to look back. Then, he heard it again. This time the voice was a lot closer. “Hey, my friend, I can’t tell you how much this means to me!”

Now, the BWE was curious and puzzled. The BWE turned and saw a tall, handsome, obviously fit, young man, in workout clothes, with a lot of great hair, charisma, and a big, warm smile, with intensity in his eyes, that might have been bordering on tears. He reached out to the BWE, and repeated, “I can’t tell you how much this means to me……you wearing my shirt.  I AM CAMERON MAYBIN,” he proclaimed.   It sure was Maybin.

It took the BWE a beat or two longer than it might have twenty years ago to figure out what was going on; but once he did, joy broke out all over. He couldn’t imagine an encounter quite this improbable, affirmative, bridging so many gaps, and coming at a time when so much of the news about rich professional athletes is depressing.

Almost makes you want to believe in angels. The BWE’s late wife, Cheryl, believed fervently in angels, and that there were no coincidences in life. The BWE was a severe skeptic.  But he’s now thinking it over.

The day of the encounter with Maybin was September 22nd , the BWE’s and Cheryl’s wedding anniversary.  And, it  turns out, Cameron’s agent is Brian Goldberg (BG), whom it appears is the same BG that was Ken Griffey Jr’s, agent.  And Maybin is friends with Junior. What’s the significance of that?  The BWE’s baseball hero was Griffey.  But an unfortunate encounter with the Mariner great some years ago tarnished the BWE’s passion for the game.

I am going to believe that an angel got Cameron and I together at the Ameritrade Building to celebrate my anniversary with Cheryl; and to mend things with Junior and baseball….and maybe also to do some good for Mr. Maybin, who, after, all, did say it made his day.

All the best to Cameron Maybin.  Hey, man, you sure made my day….big time.    The BWE


6 thoughts on “A Feel Good Story About a Big Time Professional Athlete: Thank You San Diego Padres’ Cameron Maybin

  1. Lee Loventhal

    Love the telling of the strory and BWE’s style in telling it, Well done. I heard the story first hand from BWE, 30 minutes after it happened, and BWE was vary jazzed by the happening, but now hearing to full version, including angels and the anniverary etc. It is even better.


  2. Lydia Jeffries

    Cameron Maybin spent several hours with my 99yo father-in-law a few weeks ago. Cam’s aunt sits with my father-in-law and Cam is a personal friend. This young man is the best person, he has had some hard knocks. Let’s hope for a great year!
    Lydia Jeffries
    Asheville, NC



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